Corporate Sustainability

FLOWSERVE KSM Co., Ltd. maximizes the value of its customers, partners, shareholders and employees by creating world-class products and services based on talent cultivation and core technologies. To this end, we aim to be a world-class company with fair and transparent corporate management.

Customer , Trade Compliance , Cooperation, Stockholder , Ethics

『FLOWSERVE KSM Co., Ltd. Code of Ethics』 『FLOWSERVE KSM Co., Ltd. Practice Guidelines』 has been enacted and the standards of the employees’ actions and values should be as follows.

FLOWSERVE KSM Co., Ltd. Code of Ethics

  • 1. Respecting Customers

    1.Respecting Customers : Do our best for customer-centered practice.

    • ① Provide products and services that satisfy customers.
    • ② Respect customer’s opinion and keep promise with customer.
    • ③ Strive for the interests and development of our customers, and we do not behave anything unfair.
  • 2. Joint development with partner companies

    Joint development with partner companies: We strive for mutual benefit and mutual development with suppliers.

    • ① Provide fair opportunities for partners and help improve competitiveness.
    • Do not use unfair practices or exercise any influence over the company's superior position.
    • Mutual efforts are made for fair and transparent transactions based on trust and cooperation.
  • 3. Respect for shareholders

    Respect for shareholders: We will strive to increase shareholder profit through shareholder-oriented management and transparent management.

    • ① We will enhance corporate value through efficient management and faithfully perform shareholder requests, suggestions and resolutions.
    • ② Respect the rights and profits of shareholders and increase corporate value through continuous management innovation and growth strategies
  • 4. Responsibility to employees and compliance with basic ethic

    Responsibility to employees and compliance with basic ethics: The company creates an environment that allows employees to work voluntarily and motivated, and employees strive for the development of the company with sound ethics.

    • ① We treat our employees equitably according to their abilities and achievements.
    • ② We support our employees to grow into competitive employees.
    • ③ We strive for self-development and upbringing in order to have world-class competitiveness.
    • ④ Employees are sound society members who observe the social norms.
  • 5. Responsibility for the country and society.

    Responsibility for the country and society.

    • ① Compliance with laws and regulations: Comply with all laws and regulations of the country and society.
    • ② Social contribution: Contributes to social development by supporting education, culture, and welfare projects.
    • ③ Environmental protection: We conduct environment-friendly management activities and participate in environmental protection activities.
  • Enforcement Date

    This Code of Ethics shall be enforced from the date of issue.

  • Ethics Practice Guideline

    The Ethics Practice Guideline, which is a procedural rule, is operated so that employees can thoroughly practice the Ethics Code.

  • Awards and discipline
    • ① Awards : Employees who abide by the Code of Ethics and have merits in the company's ethical management activities can be rewarded.
    • ② Discipline : Employees who engage in activities that violate the Code of Ethics and Ethics Practice Guidelines may be disciplined

FLOWSERVE KSM Co., Ltd.Practice Guidelines

  • Article 1.Purpose

    The purpose of this guideline is to provide employees with a basis for action and judgment so that employees can exercise the "basic ethics of employees" in the Code of Ethics.

  • Article 2.Honor and Dignity

    FLOWSERVE KSM Co., Ltd.maintains honor and dignity with pride.

    • ① Each and every one of our employees maintains the honor of FLOWSERVE KSM Co., Ltd.as a well-attuned attire, polite behavior, and dignified language.
    • ② We must keep our promises and act on social forms based on ethics and morality.
  • Article 3.Creative, Challenging

    Respect the individual's creative and challenging spirit.

    • ① We always work in a challenging and creative manner to create better value.
    • ② Respect novel ideas and proposals, and develop self-sustained self-improvement in order to achieve world-class competitiveness
  • Article 4.Responsibility

    We will empathize with the management philosophy, goals and values of the company and strictly obey and obey the mission given to each person in accordance with the company's business policy and directions.

    • ① The job is performed fairly and safely, and it understands and obeys company regulations and system related to work.
    • ② Predict and manage the risks that may arise from decisions and actions of myself, and be responsible for the problems that arise.
    • ③ To increase the efficiency and efficiency of work, we share information and knowledge actively among upper, lower, colleagues and departments.
  • Article 5.Fair Job Performance

    Clearly distinguish between public and private, and I do not seek to use my own position.

    • ① We perform all our duties fairly and rationally, and we think and act on our company's interests first when we do business.
    • ② Do not engage in any unfair conduct such as receiving money, privileges, convenience, entertainment directly or indirectly from stakeholders.
    • ③ Do not engage in anti-social behavior that threatens the order or safety of civil society, or do not engage in social activities or economic activities against the interests of the company.
  • Article 6.Protection of Company Assets

    Protect intellectual property including the company's assets and trade secrets.

    • ① Do not use the Company's assets, facilities, or equipment for private purposes.
    • ② Corporate expenses, corporate cards can not be spent for personal use and must be spent for the company's official affairs.
    • ③ When making efforts to secure and maintain the intellectual property rights of the company and provide the intellectual property rights of the company to a third party, the company shall obtain prior permission or approval before taking action.
    • ④ We respect the intellectual property rights of third parties such as patents, copyrights, trademark rights, etc, and do not act against the company by intentionally infringing or misusing them.
  • Article 7.Management and Security of Information

    Records, manages and maintains the security of the company's intellectual assets that it recognizes while performing its duties.

    • ① Various information on business activities shall be accurately and clearly recorded and reported on the basis of facts, and managed by the company's intellectual property.
    • ② Information obtained during the course of employment is never released without prior authorization or approval even after retirement.
    • ③ We shall not use the information obtained during the course of our company's information or business operations unlawfully or unreasonably.
  • Article 8.Transparent Transaction

    We will provide fair trade opportunities to all eligible companies, and select suppliers based on autonomous competition and transparent evaluation procedures.

    • ① We do not engage in unlawful acts such as receiving money from a stakeholder, convenience benefits, receiving entertainment, working concurrently, or participating in a stake in relation to the job.
    • ② Do not engage in any unfair trade, such as offering significantly unfavorable or favorable trading conditions to a transaction.
  • Article 9.Sound Organizational Culture

    We will build a cooperative labor-management culture based on smooth communication, mutual trust and respect between our employees.

    • ① The boss does not give unfair work instructions to his employees regardless of company or business purpose.
    • ② Sexual harassment, blasphemy against persons with disabilities, and so on.
    • ③ It does not constitute a sense of discomfort in the organization or harm the healthy organizational culture by the formation of factions and private organizations based on blood religion, delay, and school.
  • Article 10.Compliance obligation

    All employees shall abide by the Ethics Practice Guidelines, and officers and managers shall be responsible for ensuring that their employees comply with the Ethics Practice Guidelines.

    • ① A team leader should conduct training and counseling from time to time so that his / her staff can fully understand these guidelines.
    • ② Ethical Practice Guidelines Prevent recurrence through thorough investigation of causes and education in case of violation.
    • ③ All employees should strictly observe the Ethics Practice Guideline, and if they violate it, be responsible for the conduct, such as receiving disciplinary action.
    • ④ If the violation of the Ethics Practice Guideline is enforced or recognized, report it to the department head or the relevant officer, the general affairs department or the auditing department, and consult with the supervisor or the officer in advance for any action that may raise suspicions.
  • Article 11.Awards and Discipline

    • ① The Company may award rewards or appropriate remuneration to employees and employees who have an interest in achieving the objectives of this Directive in accordance with the relevant regulations.
    • ② The Company shall strictly abide by the relevant regulations for employees who violate these guidelines.